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Above Rocks Project, Jamaica

The Above Rocks Project (ARP) is composed of two wholly-owned Exclusive Prospecting Licenses (SEPLs) covering 104 km2. The Licenses are primarily located within the tectonized and mineralized Cretaceous Above Rocks Inlier (Map 1). As throughout Jamaica, minor exploitation may have occurred in the mid-1800s with limited exploration beginning in the 1950s.

The geologic history of subduction, crustal thickening and tectonism has produced extensive mineralization throughout Cretaceous rocks in the Caribbean (Map 2) such as at the Pueblo Viejo deposit containing more than 36 million ounces of gold and 930 million pounds of copper. Igneous intrusives have introduced copper ± gold ± molybdenum mineralization by way of copper sulphide veining and porphyry systems.

Good potential at ARP exists for economically-viable replacement veins, skarn, oxide and, above all, copper ± gold ± molybdenum porphyry deposits.

Numerous copper showings and areas of potential gold mineralization have been delineated through prospecting and stream sediment sampling over the last 30 years (Map 3). Grab samples with results up to 6.8% copper, 6.7 grams gold per tonne and 2.8 grams molybdenum per tonne have been collected along structures within the ARP. Copper averaged 0.5% from a trench over a distance of 58m. Samples from trenches and adits in tonalites and favorably altered porphyries have yielded copper values between 0.3% and 0.5% over significant areas.

At least six potential areas have been identified that could host economically-viable porphyries. Exploration will be focused on identifying areas having the most potential for copper porphyries through precision airborne magnetics and radiometrics, completing reconnaissance geochemical and soil gas surveys and detailed mapping and prospecting (Map 4).

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