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Jamaica has a history of mining, going back to the Spanish in the 16th Century, the British in the 19th Century and the modern Bauxite industry through to the 21st Century. Mineral exploitation in Jamaica is a very large contributor to the country's GDP. New mineral exploration and development is welcome and encouraged by the Jamaican Government.

Jamaica Main Ridge Bellas Gate Above Rocks Hungry Gully

Bellas Gate
Recent drilling has better delineated the size of the Connors Porphyry and discovered new copper mineralization at Hendley and other high priority targets.

February 2014: 43-101 Technical Report on the Bellas Gate Copper Project (15MB)

January 2015: 43-101 Technical Report on the Bellas Gate Copper Update (15MB)

Main Ridge
A 32 km2 exploration Licence in the western portion of Jamaica's Central Inlier. Contains the Bennett Zone, a gold and copper rich structurally related extension to the nearby Pennants Gold Mine.

Above Rocks
Two licences cover 104 km2 of the prospective Above Rocks Cretaceous Inlier in central Jamaica. Historic grab samples returned up to 6.8% copper.

Hungry Gully
A 48 km2 exploration licence covers high copper and gold values in soil samples discovered by BHP several decades ago.

Projects Aquired in Second Half of 2016
276 km2 in five separate licences originally acquired by OZ Minerals in 2014 are strategically located to cover known copper and gold prospects as well as anomalous stream sediment sample drainage basins all within the Cretaceous aged inliers in the interior of Jamaica. The Shirley Castle licence is located within the Blue Mountain Inlier, The Above Rocks, Windsor Castle and Berkshire Hall licences are located in close proximity to Carube Copper’s Above Rocks project and the Arthur’s Seat licence is located between the Bellas Gate and Main Ridge project areas in the Central Inlier.

The company is currently reviewing the recent and historic work in order to prioritize exploration targets. More information will be posted soon.

The mining industry is well developed in Jamaica due to a thriving bauxite industry and along with tourism is one of the two largest contributors to the Jamaican tax base.

Rogers Creek
The Rogers Creek Copper property is located in southwestern British Columbia, near the town of Pemberton. The property consists of 75 mining claims covering 340 square kilometres. Work to date has identified four target areas within the Miocene aged Rogers Creek pluton, based on geophysics, geochemistry, and the presence of alteration and/or mineralization. Most of the work to date has focused on Areas 1 and 2, which are centred by two magnetic lows within a circular magnetic feature located over the northwestern part of the intrusion. Drill hole MRC-007 returned 158 metres of 380 ppm Cu, including 12.3 metres of 0.172% Cu.

December 2013: 43-101 Technical Report on the Rogers Creek Project (5MB)

The Mackenzie Copper property is located in southwestern British Columbia, approximately 100 kilometres west of Lillooet and 40km west of Gold Bridge. The property consists of 50 mining claims covering 216 square kilometres. Three distinct mineralized zones, namely the Tillworth Trend, the Breccia Trend and the Bornite Trend define a zoned mineralized environment which extends ~12 kilometres outwards from the contact of the Miocene aged Bridge River Pluton. Fourteen of the 27 grab samples collected along the Bornite Trend during the initial reconnaissance of this area in 2012 have copper values in excess of 0.25% copper with values ranging up to a maximum of 4.34% Cu with gold and silver values ranging from 0.001 to 0.445 g/t Au, and from 3.34 to 4,170 g/t Ag, respectively.

The Salal Moly property is located between the towns of Pemberton and Gold Bridge, approximately 150 kilometres due north of Vancouver in the Coast Mountains of southwest British Columbia. The property encompasses 34 claims with a total area of 124 square kilometres. Four large target areas associated with the Miocene aged Salal pluton have been identified, based on geophysics, geochemistry, and the presence of alteration and/or mineralization. Hole MSA-003, drilled in the Mud Lake area intersected 20.6 metres of 0.057% Mo, 0.46 g/t Ag and 0.035 ppm Re including 4.8 metres of 0.207% Mo, 1.02 g/t Ag and 0.109 g/t Re. The intersection was made within a 145.5 metre interval grading 0.02% Mo.

Quebec Canada: Overview
The government of Québec supports the mining industry by providing numerous fiscal incentives and a very attractive mining duties regime for companies that explore or operate in Québec. A mining friendly jurisdiction that also boasts excellent infrastructure and technical know-how.

Fiedmont Quebec
This platinum and palladium project consists of 54 mining claims covering 23 km2 located 30 kilometres north of Val d'Or. Highway 397 cuts across the property. Previous work has indicated up to 1.9g Pt + Pd/t over 2m, 2.27g Pt + Pd/t over 4m and 5.73g Pt + Pd/t over 1m.


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