Carube Copper Corp. - Copper and Gold Assests: Jamaica and British Columbia

The Fiedmont Platinum Palladium Project,
Quebec Canada

The Fiedmont Platinoid Project (FPP) consists of 54 mining claims covering 23 km2. Carube has an option to earn a 100% interest in the FPP by completing cash payments, share issuances and exploration expenditures over a 5 year time period. The project is accessible by paved highway from Val d’Or, Quebec (Map 1).

The host rock to the platinoid and nickel mineralization provided by two, possible three, large differentiated intermediate to ultramafic intrusive complexes (Map 2). The alteration and nature of the rocks at FPP are similar to those at the Las des Iles deposit presently being mined by North American Palladium.

Limited drilling has identified multiple zones in one portion of the property where intercepts of up to 1.9g Pt + Pd/t over 2m, 2.27g Pt + Pd/t over 4m and 5.73g Pt + Pd/t over 1m have been encountered (Map 3).

Recent humus sampling has defined several distinct anomalous areas. The north-central sector, which is underlain by intermediate to ultramafic intrusive rocks with intermediate to mafic volcanics along its fringe, is characterized by northwest-trending anomalies in numerous elements, commonly including Pd. The presence of mineralized zones containing significant Pd + Pt values has been confirmed by drilling at four showings in this sector.

The sector east of Highway 397 has a large area where numerous elements characteristic of mafic to ultramafic intrusives are present; a number of significant Pd anomalies are present here. The Highway Showing, which also falls in this sector, has yielded grab samples containing significant Pd + Pt of up to 4000 ppb. (Map 4).

Future exploration and drilling will concentrate on expanding identified zones and exposing other areas where soil geochemistry has clearly identified areas of PGE mineralization (Map 5).

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